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Special ways to give

Employer matching donations
Many companies have matched their employees' contributions to Friendship Home -- doubling the impact of every single dollar donated! To find out if your employer offers matching donations, check with the human resources or corporate giving personnel at your office.

Outright charitable gifts
A gift of stock can provide much needed support for Friendship Home and offer you financial benefits as well. Publicly traded securities (stocks, bonds, etc.) may be transferred to Friendship Home, entitling you to an income tax deduction. With a gift of securities to Friendship Home, you can avoid any capital gains taxes you might be liable for if you sell the stock. Gifts of appreciated securities that pay little or no dividends, low-earning real estate, or life insurance policies with cash values make especially good choices for charitable contributions. For more information on how to make one of these donations to Friendship Home, email the Development Director or call (402) 434-0163.

Estate gifts
You may wish to support Friendship Home through your estate plan. There are several ways to arrange an estate gift. The most common is to make a bequest through your will. Many donors also use a living trust provision to make the disposition. In either case, the plan can be amended.

The gift can be expressed as a specific dollar amount, a specific asset, total assets, or a percentage of the remaining assets after expenses and other distributions. Another option is a gift that would come to Friendship Home only if the named beneficiary does not survive the donor.

Friendship Home suggests the following language for a bequest: "...the Friendship Home of Lincoln Inc., a nonprofit charitable organization in Lincoln, Nebraska..."

Other revocable options for making a gift include designating Friendship Home as payable on death (P.O.D.) for a certificate of deposit or other personal account. You may decide to name Friendship Home as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy while you retain ownership of the policy. Either method can be done in confidence and at no cost.

Although it is not necessary to inform us of your intentions to make an estate gift to Friendship Home, we would like the opportunity to thank you and keep you informed of our work. You can contact the Development Director at (402) 434-0163.

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